Marvellous Records started in 2014.


Based in Dalston, London, our absolute aim is to make great records of great quality.


In our opinion, records should be made for two reasons. Firstly for the creators, the artists and secondly for the listeners, the fans.


This record label was established to do exactly that, to help artists reach their full potential and provide a creative environment to allow that to happen.


Don’t forget, records are rarely made by a singular person. The ‘artist’ is the front to a team. Not only a group of musicians but a producer, engineer, studio, designer, photographer and the list goes on. We aim to help find the right team for each of our artists and make the records that should be made. 


We’re not in a rush or hurry, our records come out when they are ready.


It’s not about fashion or demand. If we follow trends it’s not by intention. We just hope you enjoy listening to the records we make as much as we have enjoyed making them.


Better is always better!


We do our best to make Marvellous Records.